Middle-aged and elderly health recipes to eat eggs

Eating eggs has become a common habit of long-lived elderly people. China’s 100-year-old birthday star, the famous economist Dr. Chen Hansheng, advocates “eating eggs in the morning, drinking milk at night, and eating apples in the middle” according to the nutrition plan. He eats three meals a day, does not eat meat, scientifically arranges meals, and eats healthy. According to the determination of nutritionists, protein contains a lot of water and protein. protein has very rich amino acids, and its composition ratio is very suitable for human needs. protein has the highest utilization rate in the human body. The protein has a repairing effect on liver tissue damage. Lecithin in egg yolk promotes liver cell regeneration, which can increase the amount of plasma protein in the human body and enhance the body's metabolic function and immune ability. After the lecithin is digested by the human body, choline Released, choline improves memory, egg yolk is rich in inorganic salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins.

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In addition, it should be noted that eggs should not be eaten, because eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, fat contains saturated fatty acids. Eating too many eggs will increase cholesterol intake, cause arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders, and increase liver and kidney burden.

Older Chinese medicine health knowledge, eat sweet potatoes. Eating more sweet potatoes is the biggest hobby of the long-lived elderly. Medical researchers have found that sweet potatoes have 5 effects, rich in nutrition, wide intestinal ventilation, and promote bowel movements. Yiqishengjin, with enhanced immunity. With anti-cancer substances, can prevent cancer. Anti-aging, prevent arteriosclerosis. Medical scientists believe that sweet potatoes contain a large amount of adhesion proteins, which can prevent the atrophy of liver and kidney connective tissues, remove the active oxygen that can enhance the body's immunity, and avoid reactive oxygen-induced cancer Sundaymode.

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